Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

Kelly Graham

“At first, Haines seemed like an old school method, but I used Haines when I started my business over 20 years ago and the lists from Haines we used these past 2 years ended up being even better than 20 years ago! Also, the customer service, guidance and direction we received over the phone was amazing!”

Kelly targets home & auto insurance prospects through direct mail marketing. Most recently, she pulled a list of 200 leads and 100 of those resulted in either a home or auto insurance sale – that’s a 50% conversion! 

Steve Nichols

“We have had an account with Haines for many years. It helps us Market to Homeowners for Insurance. Having all the Data that Haines provides helps in cutting to the chase for making the sale.”

Steve Nichols insurance targets homeowner insurance prospects through direct mail marketing. In a recent campaign, they targeted 50 prospects that resulted in 17 policy sales for his business, which is a 35% conversion rate! This was a small and hyper-targeted campaign with great success.

Tom Stutzma 

“Haines is the most solid source of phone numbers in the marketplace!”

AKS solicits households for donations to help those battling kidney disease. In a recent effort to obtain more donations, AKS solicited 15,000 people through cold-calling (about 1,500 were already current donars) and were able to successful schedule 805 pick-ups. This resulted in a 6% conversion through their cold-calling efforts.

Candy Wolfe

“We target neighborhoods so our pool is small but the results have been good. By using Haines, we are able to target neighborhoods more precisely with better results!

Nate Stoltenow

“Haines Criss+Cross is my favorite data provider. They always respond quickly and the data they provide is really reliable. The ROI on this purchase was worth every penny. I highly recommend them!

Pam McClung

“Easy to use the product and easy to import into our current CRM!“

Got-Bug’s uses Haines Criss+Cross to measure lawn sizes and send out direct mail to advertise pest control services. We have been using Haines for 10+ years and the results are good. Most recently, we ran a campaign where we sent out 5,000 pieces of direct mail and of those, 1,000 resulted in a sale. That’s a 20% conversion rate using direct mail!

Alejandro Vasquez

“I have been using Haines for almost 10 years – NO REGRETS at all!“

Cliff Gutmann

“We use Haines to do filtered searches for residential customers. For instance, we like to operate in close to 30 zip codes, so Haines helps us find customer email addresses and cell numbers of customers in those areas that own their home and make a certain household income. We also used Haines to help us with a project in Washington, DC, where the city is offering assistance to change out lead pipes in homes. DC provided a list of 12,000+ street addresses only (no names, numbers or even zip codes) that had confirmed lead pipes.”

We used the Haines directory to find as many of those names, numbers and emails as possible, which we used to reach out via email, PPC, direct mail and even some geo-targeting. This has directly led to several jobs where residents with lead pipes find us through our ads. Without Haines we never would have been able to reach these new customers.

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